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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

ED or Impotence is a common condition that affects a man’s ability to initiate, achieve or maintain an erection. Approximately, 40% of men experience this and other sexual performance issues by age 40. This percentage increases by 10% every decade.


What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Diseases that could affect and cause ED are heart disease, kidney disease, vascular disease, diabetes, cancer of the prostate, depression, and others. Remember, ED by itself is not considered dangerous.
ED manifests and can occur at any age but is more typical in men over the age of 40. There are many factors that affect arousal which is why most if not all men can experience and have experienced ED at least once. The body’s hormones, brain, heart, nervous system, and emotions must work together for male arousal during sexual situations.

How To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Why Get Treated?

A man suffering from ED can experience some or all of the following:
• Difficulty or trouble initiating or getting an erection
• Difficulty or trouble maintaining or keeping an erection
• Reduced or lack of sexual desire
Because ED can manifest due to a number of factors ranging from the basic (one glass of wine too many) to the complex (heart disease or systematic vascular disease), experts recommend that men suffering with ED consult with a physician that specializes in men’s sexual health for a diagnosis and treatment.

How is Erectile Dysfunction Treated and What are the Potential Side Effects?

Due to the range of conditions and circumstances that cause Erectile Dysfunction, there are also a range of treatment options. Some treatments are simple and direct, including medications or stress relief; others require more serious management as part of a comprehensive health plan. At Iron Mountain Men’s Health, we work to identify the most comfortable, immediate solution of relief for Erectile Dysfunction while also coordinating care when a more comprehensive health plan is needed.
Here are some treatment options to consider:
• Oral/Sublingual Medications
• Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
• Injection Therapy
Because of the wide range of treatment options available, side effects will vary. Please discuss with our medical providers for the best treatment option for you.

You Can See Results on Your First Visit

90% of the time ED can be treated and treated effectively. This situation will not fix itself,

so why wait? Waiting has effects on your emotional state, your relationships, pride, self-
esteem and overall well-being. Stop suffering! It has been way too long. You may even

experience results during your first visit with certain treatments.
Our goal is to help you enhance your sexual performance.

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