Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Effective Treatments for ED, Low-T, and Premature Issues.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Have you noticed that you are having issues with your sexual performance? Is your lack of sexual function beginning to impact your sexual intercourse experience? Are you concerned that certain health problems such as high cholesterol or low testosterone may be impacting your sex life?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, there is a possibility that you may be suffering from a condition known as erectile dysfunction. While many men think that this is something that you should be ashamed of or embarrassed by, the reality is that it is a fairly common condition that can be treated in a variety of ways.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

If you suffer with erectile dysfunction, you can rest assured that you are not alone. This condition can seemingly impact every aspect of your life. This form of sexual dysfunction not only causes performance anxiety but can seriously impact your sexual activity and mental well-being.

There are many reasons why a man may develop this type of condition. From physical conditions such as heart disease or high blood pressure to side effects as a result of medications that you may be taking, there are numerous health conditions that may be contributing factors to an issue erectile function.

Dr. Appel will go over several aspects of your sexual life. There are certain questions that you may be asked revolving around premature ejaculation and questions about your physical health or past injuries. For example, a common cause of ED may be the result of an injury to your spinal cord or having cardiovascular disease. The doctor will also run several blood tests as well as tests to determine your testosterone levels and tests that will assess your blood count and rule out a serious diagnosis like brain tumor. Based on the results of your tests, the doctor may suggest lifestyle changes that may help.

Fortunately, there are several erectile dysfunction treatment options at our disposal. Once you have gone through an evaluation, you may be eligible to take any one of the following medications:

  • Tadalafil ( Cialis )
  • Sildenafil ( Viagra )
  • Levitra ( Vardenafil )
  • Avanafil ( Stendra )

All of these medications have been approved by the FDA. It’s not traditionally common that an over-the-counter drug would help to eliminate ED. The fact that the drug administration has deemed ED as a valid health care concern comes as welcome news for the men that have it as it gives them hope.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

The causes for ED can certainly vary. Some examples of medical conditions that may lead to this condition are:

Peyronie’s disease

If you have the development of scar tissue inside or in the base of the penis. This condition usually develops as a result of some type of trauma to your penile shaft.

Age and Vascular Issues

It’s not uncommon for older men to struggle with ED. The reason for this is that when men reach a certain age, their body may begin to have trouble regulating certain aspects of their body including blood vessels which can ultimately lead to another diagnosis of atherosclerosis. The vascular well-being of your body can have a direct connection to ED.


Obesity is something that millions of men combat with on a regular basis. What many men don’t realize is that their weight can be a contributing factor to their problems with ED. Taking the time to go to the gym or change your diet can go a long way when it comes to helping correct your issues with weight.

Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a disorder that primarily effects a patient’s nervous system. Sadly, this disease that causes the immune cells in your body to attack healthy cells which can cause inflammation throughout your body. In turn, this inflammation can result in your inability to maintain an erection.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

Although it is common that a physical condition such as problems with your thyroid or complications from prostate cancer would have a direct impact on this issue, it’s not surprising that there are certain psychological factors associated with this ED. Here are some examples of causes that may lead to this type of condition:


One of the inhibitors of sexual performance that could lead to ED revolves around how you feel about yourself. When your mental health is not maintained and you feel poorly about yourself, this could lead to other risk factors that could impact other aspect of your life including your sex life.


When you are depressed, you may feel as though the world is one black hole that you cannot seem to get out of. Depression could be the result of numerous events in your life such as a specific trauma or poor home life. Depression can also lead to other contributing psychological issues your as anxiety which can go to further add to the problems that you are having with ED.